Tuesday, January 24, 2012

☆☆Chicago ギャル winter ME2☆☆ RECAP!

Hey Everyone I recently got back from the Chicago Gals Winter Me2!
I had a BLAST with all the Chicago Gals even though it was snowy and cold all weekend we still made the best of it! So, enjoy the pictures! I'll try to caption as many as I can!


 Just a shot of my hair before going out on Friday and having it ruined by the snow =P

Delicious Eel in Teriyaki Sauce from Tasty City in Chinatown

Riding the Subway in the back like a bad kid =P

 Waiting to get into the club on Saturday night. That was an AMAZING night!

At the Hookah Bar with Jax and Lisha!

Me and Tomo!

Group shot at the Hookah Bar! 

My outfit for the Karaoke Bar Sakura Lounge!

Riding the bus on the way to the club, notice the empty bottle of vodka on the seat, that wasn't ours but I thought it was hilarious.

Candid shot while waiting for peeps to arrive.

Tomo and I at Karaoke.

On the subway to get to my Megabus. Funny story I missed my first one so I stayed an extra day in Chicago.

Group shot at Wow Bao. Lisha, Nami, Me, Kevi

Like a dungeon dragon bitches.

Sakura Lounge with Natalia and Lisha.

Shopping at H&M I bought some boots!

Hookah bar with Jax her hair was AMAZING! Mine fell flat a bit =(

On the subway.

Subway Station art in Boystown! (gay district of Chicago) 

Tomo and I on the train.

Cool building in Downtown.

Off for some shopping!

Tomo and I in front of the Cloud-Gate aka the Bean in Millennium Park!

I am so looking forward to coming back in the summer when I can take more touristy shots of the city and such, It was snowing and really cold the entire weekend so it was hard to get good shots of the city. I had such a great time meeting everyone it's nice to know that there are fabulous Gals near me! Looking forward to the summer meet! Keep posted to my blog for other updates!

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    1. it was quite cold but lots of fun it will be even more fun in the summer!