Friday, March 25, 2011

Coordinate Corner 4 : Shorts and Skulls

Hey everyone! I am back with another Coordinate Corner! Today Miri and I went to the Mall Of America for some fun hang out time! These outfit pictures were actually taken after I got back but nonetheless this was my outfit for the day!
I am calling this one Shorts and Skulls =3

Even though it was a bit cold today I decided to try the Leggings under shorts look, I REALLY love this look in the summer, I usually bunch the leggings up more so they just barely show out of the bottom of the shorts. Since today was quite chilly I wore them all the way down.

Outfit Breakdown!
Charcoal Cardigan: H&M : $14.99
Loop Scarf: METROPARK : $9.99 On CLEARANCE!
Striped Tank: : $12.99
Shorts: Hottopic: $35.99 they were so expensive because originally they were jeans. I turned them into cutoffs. I am so crafty, I love making new clothes out of old clothes!
Skull Leggings: : $5.99
Boots: ALDO : $45.00

I also added the scarf on the side which I borrowed from Miri. I thought the look needed a little something in the middle to break it up. I have seen the Leggings and Shorts look in Men's Egg for awhile and this coordinate was inspired by an outfit I saw in this month's Men's Egg.

Here is a fun shot of me posing with Woody from Toy Story, He is made ENTIRELY out of Legos!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japan Street Up! Awesome Gyaru-O clothes!

Hi everyone, just a quick post today. I wanted to share you an AWESOME site with you moderately priced Japanese Clothes! My friend from Hysterical Gyaru-Sa actually shared this with me. Check out his blog here...

Here is the site.

Japan Street Up they have a LOT of cool styles of clothes and I plan to buy a few myself! When/if I get them I'll do a full review on the ease of the site, shipping costs, and quality of clothes! For now check the site out and find a cool style for yourself!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sorry I haven't Updated!

I have been lacking in Updates for awhile and I apologize.
Recently my mind has been on the tragedy in Japan. I am sure you all know what happened so I won't reiterate it. All my friends there are safe so I am glad for that.
Today I took time to donate to the Red Cross Relief Fund, I don't have a lot of extra money but I believe in the power of people. People can make change.
If you want to donate too just follow this Link

I'll be back with normal updates as soon as I get some free time from work.
Take Care Everyone

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coordinate Corner 3 : ACID ROCK

Hey everyone I am back with another Coordinate Corner!

Today's Look I decided to rock possibly my favorite Gyaru-O Style.

This Style has everything I love, Leather Rider Jacket, Layered Shirts Big Blingy Jewelry, Awesome Destroyed Jeans and cool boots! Definitely my style! I love the foxtail accessory. Too bad the trend is over after the winter =(   Oh well! then it's on to the next trend =D

Outfit Breakdown!
Leather Rider Jacket H&M: $50.00
Draped White Top: ZEN Mall Shibuya: Was in a set so no individual price
Destroyed Jeans: Lola: Mall of America: $40.00 This store is a GEM! they sell only girls clothes but a LOT of the jeans can be worn by men too!
Boots: ALDO: $45.00
Foxtail: Hottopic (yes they sell them) : $14.99

Thanks for looking!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coordinate Corner 2 : BRITISH ROCK

Hey everyone I am back with another coordinate corner.
I am calling this look BRITISH ROCK

It's almost spring time here so I can finally start wearing lighter layers! It was an exceptionally nice day today! This coordinate was inspired by British Punk, with the Jean Jacket, Union Flag top, and lace up combat boots!

I really like this look a lot! It mixes my favorite patterns and styles! Jean Jacket the Union Jack Flag and patchy jeans but also with some rock accessories! The union jack tank is definitely the focal point. It's actually quite thin so I paired it with another tank underneath.

Outfit Breakdown
Jean Jacket: ZEN Mall in Shibuya: 3,000 yen
Union Flag Sublimation Tank Top: Forever 21: $13.80
Striped Tank: $15.00
Patchy Jeans: H&M: $40.00
Boots: Forever 21: $35.80
Black Scarf: H&M: $5.00

I hope you guys are liking my Coordinate Corner Updates!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-