Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coordinate Corner 2 : BRITISH ROCK

Hey everyone I am back with another coordinate corner.
I am calling this look BRITISH ROCK

It's almost spring time here so I can finally start wearing lighter layers! It was an exceptionally nice day today! This coordinate was inspired by British Punk, with the Jean Jacket, Union Flag top, and lace up combat boots!

I really like this look a lot! It mixes my favorite patterns and styles! Jean Jacket the Union Jack Flag and patchy jeans but also with some rock accessories! The union jack tank is definitely the focal point. It's actually quite thin so I paired it with another tank underneath.

Outfit Breakdown
Jean Jacket: ZEN Mall in Shibuya: 3,000 yen
Union Flag Sublimation Tank Top: Forever 21: $13.80
Striped Tank: Yesstlye.com: $15.00
Patchy Jeans: H&M: $40.00
Boots: Forever 21: $35.80
Black Scarf: H&M: $5.00

I hope you guys are liking my Coordinate Corner Updates!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-


  1. sooo i totally have a shirt thats just like that. YAY for union jacks! i'll have to post up some of my cords to compete w/ you lol <3

  2. yea start posting coords!!

  3. Love the mix of denim! Rock on~