Saturday, April 30, 2011

Coordinate Corner 5 : Ripped Rock

Hello Everyone! I'm back with another Coordinate Corner!
I want to apologize for being so sparse with my coordinate posts but I am trying to get better!
So today I present you with a new coordinate! I call it Ripped Rock. I love naming these looks haha

I paired my favorite Ripped Tank with a cool green 3/4 sleeve shirt I have been wanting to wear. I like how it turned out.

Here is a back view of the outfit. I KNOW that the fur trend is totally over but I just love throwing in my fox tail here and there. Until it warms up, then it is back in the closet until next winter. It's a shame it's been quite rainy and cold here for the past week but it's sunny out today!

Outfit Breakdown!
Boots: Forever21
Jeans: H&M
Ripped Green Tank: Forever21 $12.90
Green Plaid Shirt: : $20.00
Fox Tail: Hottopic: $17.99

Also I want to share some exciting news with you all!

That's Right! I got the job I have been wanting at H&M! I am really excited to start and share my passion for fashion with others!
I just have to throw in a disclaimer here, my opinions are solely my own and do NOT reflect those opinions of those at H&M and their affiliates.

Don't forget BT's Spring Gal Meet-up is FAST FAST approaching Check our Facebook Event Page for all the info you need!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Perfecting The Side Twists and Product Review !

Hello there friends! I am back with an update on my side twist style progress. I have been wearing my hair like this everyday since my original post and have been getting better at perfecting the style!
Check out this recent picture!

 Also, I have found an AWESOME version of GATSBY that really works in my hair. If any of you are unaware, GATSBY is a styling product from Japan that is mostly used to get the piece-y Wolf Mane look that many Gyaru-O are famous for! There are many different types of the product, but the one that I am currently using is called Air Rise, it adds a lot of volume to the hair which is what I am always lacking so it's great for me! Here is what it looks like.

The scent is a lovely Green Apple too so it's nice to have your hair smelling like a basket of apples =P

They also have a handy chart describing the effects of the product! So as you can see it adds HIGH volume which is what I wanted.
If anyone is wanting to buy this you can get it from Pretty & Cute Hair Wax/Gel that link! The prices are pretty reasonable and the product lasts quite awhile and shipping is VERY fast! I actually got my current glasses frames from this site as well! I highly recommend it. They offer hair dyes like Palty and other overseas cosmetics and clothing as well! Be sure to check it out.

It's a shame it has been so rainy today and the piece-y bits of my hair were pretty much ruined the moment I stepped outside even with an umbrella =/ I didn't spend too much time on my hair today only because it was raining all day! That's all for today!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Hairstyle Try-Out and BT's Spring Midwest Gal meet Event Info

Hey everyone!
After work today I decided to try to do different styles with my hair. I had an idea for side twists so I tried it out!
Here is the Result!

I think it turned out pretty cool for a first try, I unfortunately only had 3 bobby pins to hold the twists, but a quick trip to Target solved that problem. Now I have 90 haha. I am going to try to perfect this look. I plan to rock this until I get a haircut and color. Perhaps I'll do a tutorial on how I style it!

In other news, Bulaklak's Spring Midwest Gal event, Mini Apple Mini Soda, is coming up VERY soon! Please be sure to check out THIS LINK for all the information on the event! Also, check out the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE and please shoot us a e-mail at if you have any questions and let us know if you are coming! I hope to have a good turn out! It's going to be a BLAST!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anime Detour Recap

Hey everyone, I went to my local Anime Convention this past weekend, so I decided to post a little recap about it! Just to start off, I am not that into anime, I used to be a long time ago but now it's more of a casual thing for me. I enjoy Miyazaki Films and I will always love Sailor Moon but that is about it. This past weekend was pretty crazy. A lot of alcohol was involved haha and overall I had a good time. Now to share some pictures!

Here is a picture of the inside of the dance they had, the lighting was pretty cool but they weren't playing very cool music. At least they weren't when I was in there =P

Here's a pic of my coord and hair for Saturday, Miri styled my hair again, she is very talented! I need to be able to do this myself because I can't always have her doing my hair haha

Here's a quick pic of me the day before the weekend, I just thought it was a cute picture =3

Overall the weekend was fun! I managed to meet some pretty cool people, and a couple girls interested in the Gyaru Style!
Next Event is Bulaklak Tribe's Mini Apple Mini Soda Midwest Gyaru Meetup in May! I hope to see lots of Gyaru there!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-