Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coordinate Corner 8: Cell Snaps!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been lacking on the updates recently. The Kawaii.i Contest has about 1 day left to go and I really appreciate all the votes I have gotten! In case you haven't voted yet...  

Anyway on to the premise of this post. I have been taking a lot of work coordinates recently. To basically showcase how I do/get to dress at work! I apologize that all of these are taken with my cellphone and in my mirror but please enjoy my Cell Snap Coords!

For this look I put my short sleeve button down under a tee and rolled the sleeves and added cute suspenders and accessorized with a bowtie necklace I made =3

Outfit Breakdown: 
Button Down Shirt: / $20.00
T-shirt: / $15.00
Black Dress Shorts: / $20.00
Suspenders: H&M / $9.95
Boots: Forever21 / $35.00

For this look I bought a shorter t-shirt and paired it with a longer tank top and as always shorts and boots!

Outfit Breakdown:
Rolling Stones T-Shirt: H&M / $14.99
Striped Tank: H&M / $5.95
Shorts: Originally jeans from Hottopic that I modified with paint and studs. I don't remember the price
Boots: Forever21 / $35.00

For this outfit I was going for an old school Brit Punk look. I tied a plaid shirt around my waist and wore the suspenders hanging down over it for a layered look.

Outfit Breakdown:
Sex Pistols T-shirt: H&M / $14.95
Red Plaid Shirt: H&M / $20.00
Shorts: Originally jeans from Hottopic that I modified into shorts. I don't remember the price.
Studded High Tops: Demonia / I THINK they were $40.00

This outfit I pretty much pieced together but I really like how it turned out! I will always rock the fox tail even in summer! =D

Outfit Breakdown:
Green Mesh Tank: Forever21 / I can't remember the price but it was cheap =P
Rocker Jean Jacket: Zen Mall in Shibuya / I am going to guess that this was about 5000 yen so like $50.00
Shorts: Originally Jeans from I made them into shorts I can't remember the price.
Boots: Forever21 / $35.00

I love being able to dress how I want for work it's nice to get to express myself and share my fashion with the masses =P 
Thanks for looking and again please vote for me in the contest if you haven't done so already I really appreciate it!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kawaii.i Fashion Contest!

Hey everyone! KawaiiiOfficial has a contest going on for Japanese Fashion. I would really appreciate you guys voting for me! The most votes get put in the category that the judges pick from!

the grand prize is "taken from KawaiiiOfficial "
You will win $300 worth of the hottest items of the shops that are introduced in Kawaii.i. We will be selecting the items that best suit your styles and interests. For instance, if you do a cosplay, you will win Japanese popular anime items. And if you love lolita fashion, you will get the latest lolita fashion items."

Here is a Direct Link to my entry! 

I really appreciate anyone who votes for me thanks everyone!!!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-