Monday, February 28, 2011

Gyaru-O Inspirations!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you the things that inspire my style!

I really LOVE lots of embellishments and shine, or as it's called in Japanese kira kira, it's the Japanese onomatopoeia for sparkly! Silver Jewelry is probably my favorite, I think it compliments my skin tone better than gold and I feel like it goes with more things. This Brand is Diavlo which is a popular Bag and Belt Brand for Gyaru-O. I myself own a Diavlo Bag and a Diavlo Belt.

I also LOVE All Black Jewelry with lots of layers. I love the Gothic Crosses on this necklace.
Skulls, Crosses, Crowns and Keys are my staples. If anything be it a sweater or necklace has any of those things I usually buy it! haha

How cute is he! As much as I love Rock Style I also love the preppy style too! I actually got my bigger frames so I could incorporate more cute preppy looks into my style. It's a bit tougher for me because I NEED glasses to see so having different frames to switch between styles is nice!

I also love asymmetrical shapes in tops and shirts. It adds a cool flare to your clothes and makes things more interesting! This particular jacket is from Buffalo Bobs, another well known Gyaru-O Clothing Brand!
On my Tokyo Trip in 09' I picked up a Buffalo Bobs Jacket. I love it and plan to incorporate it into a coordinate soon!

Boots! I LOVE BOOTS! I would love to own a pair like these from JACKROSE! I usually wear boots in all my looks, I even wear boots in the summer time. That is how much I love them!
The pointy toe makes these boots more ROCK in style and the buckles and detail give a cool vibe, which is what I really like!

Destroyed Jeans are a Must for any Gyaru-O! I love dark wash jeans with a lot of rips and tears and ATTITUDE! Most of the jeans I own are straight leg or slim leg since I wear boots a lot I love to tuck the jeans into the boots. I do like boot-cut though and I do own some cool kira-kira (sparkly) jeans that I like to wear on occasion but most of the time I wear my slim leg jeans. I need to incorporate more boot-cut into my wardrobe.

-Rock your style everyday-

Friday, February 25, 2011

Coordinate Corner 1 : ROCK PURPLE

I am going to start labeling my coordinates in order with the title Coordinate Corner =D
That way it will be easy to look back and find the coordinates!
On to today's Coordinate
I am calling this one ROCK purple!

Unfortunately I still haven't gotten my thinner frames yet so I am trying to wear them even with my more rock coordinates, I think they still look pretty cool!

As before, I will breakdown the outfit with where I got the item and how much it was.
Be patient with me on this one because I am wearing a lot of layers and accessories =P

Purple Top: H&M $15.99
Striped Tank Top: H&M $5.95
Black Vest: ZEN MALL Shibuya (It came in a set so it doesn't have it's own price)
Scarf: $15.00
Black Jeans: H&M $38.00
Boots: Forever21 $35.99
Bracelets: H&M and Claire's ALL under $10.00
Necklaces: Crown and Key 1,000 Yen Shop on Takeshita Door, Anchor Necklace: Forever21 $2.80

With this outfit I layered up with a tank and a scarf around my waist to break up the outfit and add another layer! I absolutely LOVE layering and living in MN you kind of have to!
As with my last outfit I am wearing the boots I purchased from Forever 21, I wanted to show how they can go with different looks but still work!

-Rock your style everyday-

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Japan 2009 Recap!

As some of you guys might know, I visited Japan in 2009 and I thought I would post a little recap about my trip!
Complete with Pictures! So Please Enjoy!

First up, the famous 109-2 Building this is the place to go for Gyaru-O Fashions. Floor upon floor of amazing clothes! I visited this place many times during my stay. Pictures aren't allowed inside so I don't have any of the stores inside but trust me; I loved everything I saw!

Up Next is the ドン.キホーテ Building. Otherwise known as Don Quijote, this place is amazing!
You can literally buy ANYTHING here, Socks, Circle Lenses, Perfume, Nails, Booze, Clothes. LOADS more. I personally needed socks and DON QUIJOTE came to the rescue!

Here is Takeshita Doori, a very busy shopping street in Harajuku. You can find the famous Angel Heart Crepe stand on this street along with lots of shops selling everything from discount Gyaru clothes to accessories! I personally stopped by an accessory shop that sold everything for 1,000 Yen! What a Deal!

I am sure you all recognize this building! It's none other than Shibuya's 109! Gyaru Mecca as it were.
Tons of Gyaru Shops are located inside as well as a cute restaurant! As with 109-2 pictures aren't allowed inside. You could sneak them but I didn't wanna risk it XD

This Bright place is Sentaa-Gai In Shibuya, there are MANY things to do off this street, from Karaoke to food to Game Centers where you can find Purikura Machines!

While in Japan I decided to get my hair cut and styled. The picture above is of the Salon I visited! They had a projection of their logo on the street. I thought that was pretty cool! The haircut was an experience all in it's own. When they wash your hair they spend literally 20 minutes massaging your head! It was heaven, they placed a face mask over my eyes and spent their time really making sure I was taken care of! It was nice to be treated so well!

Here is the result of the haircut and style! I love how they made it look so piece-y! Unfortunately Japan's Humidity completely killed my style in about 30 minutes =P So I am glad I snapped a picture of it before it fell down!

I was also lucky to spend my birthday month in Tokyo! This picture was taken at a ParaPara Club event. I got in for free and also got free Honey Toast which is the dessert you see in front of me. It's a very popular dessert at many Japanese restaurants!

Speaking of desserts! Let's end with something sweet! Everything I had in Japan was so tasty! They really take pride in making sure everything is so pretty! Even this simple parfait looked JUST like the picture on the menu! Japanese whip cream is something else, it's taste is very different from the U.S. it was amazing!

I hope you enjoyed my little re-cap of my Tokyo 2009 trip. This year myself and Miri, fellow member of Bulaklak Tribe, will be heading back to Tokyo for a longer trip so please look forward to a major re-cap of that! In the meantime look forward to more outfit posts, event pics, and style tips from me!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Coordinate Post! Coordinate Corner BETA: POP CUTES STYLE

Hey Everyone! Just here to show off my first Coordinate Post!

 I am calling this one Pop Cutes Style =P
As before I told you guys I am trying to incorporate more cute/preppy styles into my wardrobe.
So today I threw together a cute coordinate with Mickey and Minnie XD
Until I get my thinner frames I am going to change the way I dress everyday in order to incorporate the Larger Frames into my styles, I am sort of forced to dress more cute =P
Not that I mind, I love exploring new styles
See! I have already taken on the cute persona =P

On to the outfit breakdown, With all my coodinates I will post an Outfit Breakdown with the name of each item, where I got it, and how much it cost. Sometimes I can't remember the EXACT price so I will just estimate the cost from memory.
Outfit Breakdown:
Red Plaid Top: H&M $25.99
Mickey and Minnie Shirt: Disney Store $10.99
Black Vest: $20.00
Blue Jeans: H&M $45.00
Rocker Boots: Forever 21 $35.99

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hair Style Post!

Hey Everyone!
So a few days ago we had a mini-gyaru meet-up here in MN and Miri of BT took time to style my hair and I think she did a GREAT job! She is quite talented! Sara Mari also joined up with us and Miri styled her hair as well! Check out Sara's Blog for pics of her style! Anyway here are a couple of pictures showing off my hair!

Yes those GIANT glasses are prescription XD I have thinner frames coming in soon to suit my more Rock Style. I am trying to incorporate preppy/cute style into my wardrobe which the glasses are PERFECT for!

Please look forward to more posts from me in the near future!

-Rock your Style Everyday-

Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Post !

Hey Everyone! This is my First post here at Rock Visions, I am still tweaking the Blog setup so expect minor changes here and there. I am not too good with HTML so as soon as I can get Emily to help me this blog will really start looking good!

Stay Tuned for more stuff!