Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Coordinate Post! Coordinate Corner BETA: POP CUTES STYLE

Hey Everyone! Just here to show off my first Coordinate Post!

 I am calling this one Pop Cutes Style =P
As before I told you guys I am trying to incorporate more cute/preppy styles into my wardrobe.
So today I threw together a cute coordinate with Mickey and Minnie XD
Until I get my thinner frames I am going to change the way I dress everyday in order to incorporate the Larger Frames into my styles, I am sort of forced to dress more cute =P
Not that I mind, I love exploring new styles
See! I have already taken on the cute persona =P

On to the outfit breakdown, With all my coodinates I will post an Outfit Breakdown with the name of each item, where I got it, and how much it cost. Sometimes I can't remember the EXACT price so I will just estimate the cost from memory.
Outfit Breakdown:
Red Plaid Top: H&M $25.99
Mickey and Minnie Shirt: Disney Store $10.99
Black Vest: $20.00
Blue Jeans: H&M $45.00
Rocker Boots: Forever 21 $35.99

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

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