Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mini Apple Mini Soda Meet-Up Recap!! IMAGE HEAVY!!

Hey Everyone! Now that the weekend is over I can do my update on BT's Mini Apple Mini Soda meet-up!
We ended up going to the Mall Of America due to weather on BOTH days. Unpredictable MN weather for ya haha.

Friday Emily and Sara Mari headed to the mall to wait for the GALS to show up!

Right: Miri  Middle: Mia Left: Alexis
Nice to know we have Gals in MN I think Alexis is just interested in the style.

Shopping for Shiny Accessories in For Love.

Mia looking SUPER Gal =D

I finally got to the Mall after my shift at H&M!

Hanging around

Hitch a ride to Tokyo?

Everyone looking good!

It's about to be a WHAT..??  A GAL fight haha

Showing off my Kira Kira Pin =P

So model =P

Friday was fun! We shopped around and all I spent my money on was food! haha I am a secret fatty.

Saturday it was raining again so off to the Mall we headed. I didn't have much time since I worked that evening.

Rachael G and Me!

 We also met up with Nora another MN GAL she is so cute!
Please check out her blog!
Magic Momoko

 Saturday night we went to a Hookah Bar which was a lot of fun!

Chilling outside the place

Yum Peach Flavored!

We ended up not doing the picnic on Sunday since we had Severe Weather all day! What a wash out! It was really fun meeting new Gals in MN we are planning some more things in the near future so please look forward to that! Also make sure to check out Sara Mari's Blog for another re-cap of the event!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just popping in.

Hey everyone! I will have pictures and a detailed rundown of the past weekend as soon as I can get all the pics from other people!
Please look forward to it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mini-Meet Pics!

Hey everyone! I am here with an update of this past weekend. COCO from BulaklakTribe visited Emily and Me this past weekend as she couldn't make it for this weekends Mini Apple Mini Soda Meet-Up.
Unfortunately I had to work the majority of the weekend but we still has fun!

Here is what I word on Friday of the event, Miri styled my hair in a new way and I really like how it turned out! Much softer in style instead of hard spiked edges.

Here is all of us hanging in the bathroom haha REAL GALS. We took her to a gay club and we had a blast! 

Us again hanging at a club, I couldn't make it on Saturday when Emily took her to the Mall of America, so I only got to see her at night haha. This weekend I am looking forward to meeting a bunch of new gals at the event. I hear it is supposed to rain which sucks! We are still going to have a good time regardless!
Please be sure to check the event page as some things have changed and we added meetup times and locations! 

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coordinate Corner 6: Crown and Skull

Hi everyone! I seem to be on a roll with these coordinate corners! I am back today with another Coordinate Corner! This one I am calling Crown and Skull.

I tried a new camera angle to take these and honestly, I like it a lot better than what I was doing. I think I'll continue the trend with future CC posts. I literally pieced this outfit together in less than a minute. Sometimes I can think of really good outfits quickly and other times I will stand in front of my closet for HOURS and won't be able to find anything decent haha.

Now let's get to the Outfit Breakdown!

Shoes: I THINK they were $35.99 The brand is DEMONIA which specializes in Gothic Footwear but just goes to show you can incorporate these kind of things into Gyaru-O style!
Jeans: These were a STEAL at $20.00
Skull Tank: H&M Women's Section: I can't remember the exact price but I think it was around $15.00
Hooded Shirt: ZEN MALL in Shibuya Japan. It was in a set with a tank top so I don't know it's original price.
This is totally my favorite style, ROCK! It definitely suits me the best I would say!

I also want to share a little bonus with you all, my good friend Izumi drew a picture of me in his Pop Arts style.

He is very talented and I was honored to have him draw me. Here is a link to his blog to check out more of his artwork! GO, GUY. EXPRESS. All Credit Goes to Izumi for the drawing, please do not claim as your own or re-post as your own. Thank You!

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