Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mini Apple Mini Soda Meet-Up Recap!! IMAGE HEAVY!!

Hey Everyone! Now that the weekend is over I can do my update on BT's Mini Apple Mini Soda meet-up!
We ended up going to the Mall Of America due to weather on BOTH days. Unpredictable MN weather for ya haha.

Friday Emily and Sara Mari headed to the mall to wait for the GALS to show up!

Right: Miri  Middle: Mia Left: Alexis
Nice to know we have Gals in MN I think Alexis is just interested in the style.

Shopping for Shiny Accessories in For Love.

Mia looking SUPER Gal =D

I finally got to the Mall after my shift at H&M!

Hanging around

Hitch a ride to Tokyo?

Everyone looking good!

It's about to be a WHAT..??  A GAL fight haha

Showing off my Kira Kira Pin =P

So model =P

Friday was fun! We shopped around and all I spent my money on was food! haha I am a secret fatty.

Saturday it was raining again so off to the Mall we headed. I didn't have much time since I worked that evening.

Rachael G and Me!

 We also met up with Nora another MN GAL she is so cute!
Please check out her blog!
Magic Momoko

 Saturday night we went to a Hookah Bar which was a lot of fun!

Chilling outside the place

Yum Peach Flavored!

We ended up not doing the picnic on Sunday since we had Severe Weather all day! What a wash out! It was really fun meeting new Gals in MN we are planning some more things in the near future so please look forward to that! Also make sure to check out Sara Mari's Blog for another re-cap of the event!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-


  1. Everyone looks great, really love the second day outfits ♥
    And secret fatties unite~! Just spent all my money on rice pudding +_+

  2. yea it was a lot of fun, I was looking back at my bank statement and it's all food hahaha

  3. You guys are so fabulous! I really like your pants in the day2 pics, Justin! Also, cool pin in that jacket. Mr. RockStyleLover!

  4. oh I love those torn jeans, they were a STEAL too so cheap!
    Mr. RockStyleLover haha I love it