Tuesday, June 7, 2011

updates updates!

Hey everyone! sorry for the lack of updates from me. I have some exciting news for everyone!
Myself and Emily of Bulaklak Tribe have formed a Nago-Sa here in Minnesota!

Knockout Nago-Sa

Please forgive the mediocre site we are currently updating it and in the process of making it amazing!

we also had a fun photoshoot to get some nice pictures for the site! I'll add some to Knockout's Blogger so you can view them there! but here are a few for you to view now =D

-Rock Your Style Everyday-


  1. You guys look fantastic & the outfit you chose is fantastic.
    I especially love the boots.

  2. Aaaawwww! knockout looks awesome! congrats on the new circle!! =D

  3. Grats on the new circle !!! Loving the pics from your shoot [=

  4. it's nice to have a few close friends here that do the style =D thanks for the nice compliments!

  5. Awesome sauce! I hope the new nago sa does well! And you look great in ur pics! ^.^