Sunday, June 26, 2011

Out and About Club shot!

Hey everyone just a quick update/fun post.
I love to go clubbing, it's so much fun! I frequent a club called First Ave on Saturday nights for an event they call Too Much Love. It's a great mix of people and it's always a good time! There is always a photobooth set up there where City Pages takes pictures of anyone and everyone! It's great fun and always a surprise because you are not sure if you will show up on the website or not. Well I just wanted to share this awesome picture that I got from last nights clubbing endeavor. 

I love rocking Gyaru-O everywhere even to the club! I think the shot turned out so Badass I love it. 
That is my friend Alina next to me we usually go out together she is a blast to party with! 
Until next time!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coordinate Corner 7: FLASH BACK COORDS!

Hey everyone! Sorry for my lack of updates recently. I have been quite busy with work! Loving every minute of it though! 
Today I thought I would share some older coordinates with you all! Let's go back in time =P

First flashback coordinate, we'll call this one Jean Jack. 
This is from about 2 years ago or so. Just after I got back from my Japan 2009 Trip.
I really like this look a lot, it's a shame I can't wear shades all the time! I love the rocker look.
Outfit breakdown!
Shades: Hottopic - $10.00
Jean Jacekt: ZEN MALL Shibuya 
Black Hoodie: Hottopic - Don't remember the price
Jeans: Hottopic - Don't remember the price. I added the bleach stains myself =P
Scarf: H&M - $12.99

Next Flashback Coordinate I'll call this Bling Bling Shine =P
This is a little after I got back from my Japan 2009 Trip!
This features my Prize Buffalo Bobs Jacket I got from 109-2! =D
Outfit Breakdown!
Jacket: Buffalo Bobs - USD $190.00
Black Cardigan: H&M - $15.99
Tie: H&M - $10.00
Jeans: H&M - $30.00
Boots: ALDO

Last Flashback Coordinate, we'll call this Rock Plaid. 
This is a bit later I think it's from last year sometime.
Outfit Breakdown!
Grey Sweater: EXPRESS - ON SALE for $20.00
Red Plaid Shirt: AEROPOSTALE (if you can believe that lol) - Don't remember the price but it was cheap.
Black Jeans: H&M - $30.00
Boots: ALDO

Thanks for joining me for my Flashback Coords! I'll try to keep updating as much as I can. I want to start posting Work Coordinates so you call all see how I get to dress awesome for work while still incorporating H&M Brand Clothes! 

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

updates updates!

Hey everyone! sorry for the lack of updates from me. I have some exciting news for everyone!
Myself and Emily of Bulaklak Tribe have formed a Nago-Sa here in Minnesota!

Knockout Nago-Sa

Please forgive the mediocre site we are currently updating it and in the process of making it amazing!

we also had a fun photoshoot to get some nice pictures for the site! I'll add some to Knockout's Blogger so you can view them there! but here are a few for you to view now =D

-Rock Your Style Everyday-