Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coordinate Corner 6: Crown and Skull

Hi everyone! I seem to be on a roll with these coordinate corners! I am back today with another Coordinate Corner! This one I am calling Crown and Skull.

I tried a new camera angle to take these and honestly, I like it a lot better than what I was doing. I think I'll continue the trend with future CC posts. I literally pieced this outfit together in less than a minute. Sometimes I can think of really good outfits quickly and other times I will stand in front of my closet for HOURS and won't be able to find anything decent haha.

Now let's get to the Outfit Breakdown!

Shoes: I THINK they were $35.99 The brand is DEMONIA which specializes in Gothic Footwear but just goes to show you can incorporate these kind of things into Gyaru-O style!
Jeans: These were a STEAL at $20.00
Skull Tank: H&M Women's Section: I can't remember the exact price but I think it was around $15.00
Hooded Shirt: ZEN MALL in Shibuya Japan. It was in a set with a tank top so I don't know it's original price.
This is totally my favorite style, ROCK! It definitely suits me the best I would say!

I also want to share a little bonus with you all, my good friend Izumi drew a picture of me in his Pop Arts style.

He is very talented and I was honored to have him draw me. Here is a link to his blog to check out more of his artwork! GO, GUY. EXPRESS. All Credit Goes to Izumi for the drawing, please do not claim as your own or re-post as your own. Thank You!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-


  1. Oh I do too! My favorite jeans =D Well at least ONE of my favorites.