Saturday, April 30, 2011

Coordinate Corner 5 : Ripped Rock

Hello Everyone! I'm back with another Coordinate Corner!
I want to apologize for being so sparse with my coordinate posts but I am trying to get better!
So today I present you with a new coordinate! I call it Ripped Rock. I love naming these looks haha

I paired my favorite Ripped Tank with a cool green 3/4 sleeve shirt I have been wanting to wear. I like how it turned out.

Here is a back view of the outfit. I KNOW that the fur trend is totally over but I just love throwing in my fox tail here and there. Until it warms up, then it is back in the closet until next winter. It's a shame it's been quite rainy and cold here for the past week but it's sunny out today!

Outfit Breakdown!
Boots: Forever21
Jeans: H&M
Ripped Green Tank: Forever21 $12.90
Green Plaid Shirt: : $20.00
Fox Tail: Hottopic: $17.99

Also I want to share some exciting news with you all!

That's Right! I got the job I have been wanting at H&M! I am really excited to start and share my passion for fashion with others!
I just have to throw in a disclaimer here, my opinions are solely my own and do NOT reflect those opinions of those at H&M and their affiliates.

Don't forget BT's Spring Gal Meet-up is FAST FAST approaching Check our Facebook Event Page for all the info you need!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-


  1. Awesome coord! Really like your boots tehehe :D Your hair's cool tooo ^^

  2. thanks so much! I have been using the Gatsby I reviewed in my last post!

  3. Ah, I can't bear to put my fur tail away! I love it too much! I still use things even if the trend is over. I love your hair, and the glasses are really cute.

    Also, congratulations on getting the job! I love H&M clothing and own quite a bit from there!

  4. Oh like half my wardrobe is H&M it's great for incorporating into Gyaru/Gyaru-O Style!

  5. I love the way you pose with the fur! It's so cool outfit, Justin.