Monday, February 28, 2011

Gyaru-O Inspirations!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you the things that inspire my style!

I really LOVE lots of embellishments and shine, or as it's called in Japanese kira kira, it's the Japanese onomatopoeia for sparkly! Silver Jewelry is probably my favorite, I think it compliments my skin tone better than gold and I feel like it goes with more things. This Brand is Diavlo which is a popular Bag and Belt Brand for Gyaru-O. I myself own a Diavlo Bag and a Diavlo Belt.

I also LOVE All Black Jewelry with lots of layers. I love the Gothic Crosses on this necklace.
Skulls, Crosses, Crowns and Keys are my staples. If anything be it a sweater or necklace has any of those things I usually buy it! haha

How cute is he! As much as I love Rock Style I also love the preppy style too! I actually got my bigger frames so I could incorporate more cute preppy looks into my style. It's a bit tougher for me because I NEED glasses to see so having different frames to switch between styles is nice!

I also love asymmetrical shapes in tops and shirts. It adds a cool flare to your clothes and makes things more interesting! This particular jacket is from Buffalo Bobs, another well known Gyaru-O Clothing Brand!
On my Tokyo Trip in 09' I picked up a Buffalo Bobs Jacket. I love it and plan to incorporate it into a coordinate soon!

Boots! I LOVE BOOTS! I would love to own a pair like these from JACKROSE! I usually wear boots in all my looks, I even wear boots in the summer time. That is how much I love them!
The pointy toe makes these boots more ROCK in style and the buckles and detail give a cool vibe, which is what I really like!

Destroyed Jeans are a Must for any Gyaru-O! I love dark wash jeans with a lot of rips and tears and ATTITUDE! Most of the jeans I own are straight leg or slim leg since I wear boots a lot I love to tuck the jeans into the boots. I do like boot-cut though and I do own some cool kira-kira (sparkly) jeans that I like to wear on occasion but most of the time I wear my slim leg jeans. I need to incorporate more boot-cut into my wardrobe.

-Rock your style everyday-


  1. Those boots are so sexy ♥
    Pointed boots always make me think of rockstars >)

  2. I know! I need to own a pair!
    Next time I get to Tokyo =D