Friday, February 25, 2011

Coordinate Corner 1 : ROCK PURPLE

I am going to start labeling my coordinates in order with the title Coordinate Corner =D
That way it will be easy to look back and find the coordinates!
On to today's Coordinate
I am calling this one ROCK purple!

Unfortunately I still haven't gotten my thinner frames yet so I am trying to wear them even with my more rock coordinates, I think they still look pretty cool!

As before, I will breakdown the outfit with where I got the item and how much it was.
Be patient with me on this one because I am wearing a lot of layers and accessories =P

Purple Top: H&M $15.99
Striped Tank Top: H&M $5.95
Black Vest: ZEN MALL Shibuya (It came in a set so it doesn't have it's own price)
Scarf: $15.00
Black Jeans: H&M $38.00
Boots: Forever21 $35.99
Bracelets: H&M and Claire's ALL under $10.00
Necklaces: Crown and Key 1,000 Yen Shop on Takeshita Door, Anchor Necklace: Forever21 $2.80

With this outfit I layered up with a tank and a scarf around my waist to break up the outfit and add another layer! I absolutely LOVE layering and living in MN you kind of have to!
As with my last outfit I am wearing the boots I purchased from Forever 21, I wanted to show how they can go with different looks but still work!

-Rock your style everyday-

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