Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coordinate Corner 8: Cell Snaps!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been lacking on the updates recently. The Kawaii.i Contest has about 1 day left to go and I really appreciate all the votes I have gotten! In case you haven't voted yet...  

Anyway on to the premise of this post. I have been taking a lot of work coordinates recently. To basically showcase how I do/get to dress at work! I apologize that all of these are taken with my cellphone and in my mirror but please enjoy my Cell Snap Coords!

For this look I put my short sleeve button down under a tee and rolled the sleeves and added cute suspenders and accessorized with a bowtie necklace I made =3

Outfit Breakdown: 
Button Down Shirt: / $20.00
T-shirt: / $15.00
Black Dress Shorts: / $20.00
Suspenders: H&M / $9.95
Boots: Forever21 / $35.00

For this look I bought a shorter t-shirt and paired it with a longer tank top and as always shorts and boots!

Outfit Breakdown:
Rolling Stones T-Shirt: H&M / $14.99
Striped Tank: H&M / $5.95
Shorts: Originally jeans from Hottopic that I modified with paint and studs. I don't remember the price
Boots: Forever21 / $35.00

For this outfit I was going for an old school Brit Punk look. I tied a plaid shirt around my waist and wore the suspenders hanging down over it for a layered look.

Outfit Breakdown:
Sex Pistols T-shirt: H&M / $14.95
Red Plaid Shirt: H&M / $20.00
Shorts: Originally jeans from Hottopic that I modified into shorts. I don't remember the price.
Studded High Tops: Demonia / I THINK they were $40.00

This outfit I pretty much pieced together but I really like how it turned out! I will always rock the fox tail even in summer! =D

Outfit Breakdown:
Green Mesh Tank: Forever21 / I can't remember the price but it was cheap =P
Rocker Jean Jacket: Zen Mall in Shibuya / I am going to guess that this was about 5000 yen so like $50.00
Shorts: Originally Jeans from I made them into shorts I can't remember the price.
Boots: Forever21 / $35.00

I love being able to dress how I want for work it's nice to get to express myself and share my fashion with the masses =P 
Thanks for looking and again please vote for me in the contest if you haven't done so already I really appreciate it!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-

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  1. Oooh you look awhsum! I really like your coords, especially the second one :D
    Good luck on the contest! ^^