Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Hairstyle Try-Out and BT's Spring Midwest Gal meet Event Info

Hey everyone!
After work today I decided to try to do different styles with my hair. I had an idea for side twists so I tried it out!
Here is the Result!

I think it turned out pretty cool for a first try, I unfortunately only had 3 bobby pins to hold the twists, but a quick trip to Target solved that problem. Now I have 90 haha. I am going to try to perfect this look. I plan to rock this until I get a haircut and color. Perhaps I'll do a tutorial on how I style it!

In other news, Bulaklak's Spring Midwest Gal event, Mini Apple Mini Soda, is coming up VERY soon! Please be sure to check out THIS LINK for all the information on the event! Also, check out the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE and please shoot us a e-mail at if you have any questions and let us know if you are coming! I hope to have a good turn out! It's going to be a BLAST!


  1. I love those twisted braid things! My hair won't stay in twists so I have to actually make braids if I want to achieve that look TT

    I hope lots of people will go to your meet!!

  2. Thanks Sara! I need to practice doing it more to make it look better but I think I'll get it eventually =P
    I hope we have a good turn out too. Either way I know I am going to have fun =D

  3. Yah Bulaklak meet!

    Your hair looks fantastic like that, Justin <3