Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coordinate Corner 3 : ACID ROCK

Hey everyone I am back with another Coordinate Corner!

Today's Look I decided to rock possibly my favorite Gyaru-O Style.

This Style has everything I love, Leather Rider Jacket, Layered Shirts Big Blingy Jewelry, Awesome Destroyed Jeans and cool boots! Definitely my style! I love the foxtail accessory. Too bad the trend is over after the winter =(   Oh well! then it's on to the next trend =D

Outfit Breakdown!
Leather Rider Jacket H&M: $50.00
Draped White Top: ZEN Mall Shibuya: Was in a set so no individual price
Destroyed Jeans: Lola: Mall of America: $40.00 This store is a GEM! they sell only girls clothes but a LOT of the jeans can be worn by men too!
Boots: ALDO: $45.00
Foxtail: Hottopic (yes they sell them) : $14.99

Thanks for looking!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-


  1. In the first picture you look like an evil demon coming through the door like a badass~ hahaha cool coord

  2. that's usually how I enter a room haha
    I honestly thought the other pics I took where lame so I left that one in there =D

  3. Hahah.. Actually, I really like it!
    The tail, destroyed denim, leather jacket, it all works with the *demon* expression >)