Friday, March 25, 2011

Coordinate Corner 4 : Shorts and Skulls

Hey everyone! I am back with another Coordinate Corner! Today Miri and I went to the Mall Of America for some fun hang out time! These outfit pictures were actually taken after I got back but nonetheless this was my outfit for the day!
I am calling this one Shorts and Skulls =3

Even though it was a bit cold today I decided to try the Leggings under shorts look, I REALLY love this look in the summer, I usually bunch the leggings up more so they just barely show out of the bottom of the shorts. Since today was quite chilly I wore them all the way down.

Outfit Breakdown!
Charcoal Cardigan: H&M : $14.99
Loop Scarf: METROPARK : $9.99 On CLEARANCE!
Striped Tank: : $12.99
Shorts: Hottopic: $35.99 they were so expensive because originally they were jeans. I turned them into cutoffs. I am so crafty, I love making new clothes out of old clothes!
Skull Leggings: : $5.99
Boots: ALDO : $45.00

I also added the scarf on the side which I borrowed from Miri. I thought the look needed a little something in the middle to break it up. I have seen the Leggings and Shorts look in Men's Egg for awhile and this coordinate was inspired by an outfit I saw in this month's Men's Egg.

Here is a fun shot of me posing with Woody from Toy Story, He is made ENTIRELY out of Legos!

-Rock Your Style Everyday-


  1. This outfit turned out really cool, I like all the different elements and lengths of the clothing items. That hairstyle also looks great on you ^^/

  2. This coordinate looks so cool! I really love the leggings and shorts combo!!~ The boots are so nice too! ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

  3. thanks so much you guys =3
    I really love asymmetrical stuff, it adds interest especially when you layer them =D

  4. Awesome coord! This is my first time in seeing leggings and shorts on a guy, and it looks good on yoou ^^

  5. thank you so much Lizzie~! I love this style in the spring and summer! =D