Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coordinate Corner 9 : Recent Looks

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delays in my postings. Working full time and moving have taken their toll and I am just exhausted all the time =( I really want to get back into this blog! So I am here to share a few recent outfits!

First let's start with something out of my normal style 

Are those Mint Shorts? Why yes they are! I love the mint color this year it caught my eye and I just fell in love with it! I can definitely corporate these into my more rocker style by dressing it with greys and blacks!

Outfit Breakdown.
Mint Shorts: H&M Conscious Collection $24.95
Grey Shirt: H&M Conscious Collection $17.95
White Cardigan: H&M $17.95 

Now here's my Go-To Style! I love the rocker look!
I want to wear this blazer at work but it gets SO hot there it's hard to wear layers =/

Outfit Breakdown.
Blazer: Yesstyle.com $30.00
Shirt: Black Asuka $14.00
Jeans: H&M $30.00

First, sorry for the blurry picture =/
I Love Love these drop crotch sweatpants! It's hard to see in the pic but they have a really cool faded grey color. 

Outfit Breakdown.
Drop Crotch Sweats: H&M Fashion Against Aids Collection $17.95
T-shirt: H&M $9.95
Layering Tank: H&M $5.95
Destroyed Knit Cardigan: TOPMAN (bought from a second hand store) $17.00

Again sorry for the lag in my posts I am going to try really hard to update more! I really want to know what you guys wanna see! Hair tutorials? Shopping Guides? What do YOU all want! I want to cater my blog to my followers =D 

-Rock Your Style Everyday-


  1. Love the coords! Mint has really been in fashion lately!

    1. thanks! I really like it too! I usually don't go for pastels but I really liked it