Thursday, July 21, 2011

Circle Lens Review! New Adult Grey

Hey everyone! I recently purchased some circle lenses from pinkyparadise and I am here to do a review!
The lenses I purchased were the New Adult Grey Lenses as seen HERE. I wanted to try grey because I always though that it was a cool look. I ordered the lenses in 0.00 which means they are not for vision correction, just for the enlargement and color effect. 

The shipping was reasonably fast and with most orders you get a free cute animal contact case! I got the green elephant one! Anyway on to the pictures! 

Here is with the flash on, the enlargement effect is quite nice, the outer black ring look very cool I think! The lenses are subtle enough but also quite eye catching!

Here is flash off, I still think they look quite nice!

This is with the flash on to give an overall effect. 

My eyes look quite large in this picture! This is just taken with my cell phone =P

Now to rate the Lenses!

Price: 5/5 VERY reasonable!

Comfort: 4/5 
I have an astigmatism in both eyes which means my eyes are shaped a bit differently. I wore these all day at work for 9+ hours and they didn't start becoming bothersome till the end and even that was only a feeling of dry eye

Enlargement: 4/5 
these lenses if I am not mistaken are 14.00 mm so the enlargement effect is noticeable but not EXTREME.

Color: 5/5 
The color was very true to the picture and I think it would look good on any color eye!

Pinky Paradise is definitely the go=to place for a WIDE selection of circle lenses!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Really cool Justin!! I love that pinkyparadise gives animal cases, thats toooo cute. I wanna just find those haha im bored with my regular cases~

  2. These look great on you! Natural, but still give you the enlargement.