Friday, March 9, 2012

Big News!

This is work related so if you don't care to read on stop now haha. 
Tomorrow is my last day at H&M in Southdale Mall.. I am transferring to the BIGGEST H&M in Minnesota. 

H&M in the Mall Of America!

I am quite excited about starting my full time position there, it will be awesome to meet new people and have a hand in making the store pretty =) 
As some of you know or maybe you don't, the dress code for H&M is pretty chill, so I dress Gyaru-O as much as I can. It will be awesome to rep the style while working in the biggest tourist mall in the U.S.A.! My friend who worked in the mall said she saw actual Gyaru and Gyaru-O wandering the mall on a few occasions. 

I really want to step up my outfits because the idea is to SEE and BE SEEN! 
As much as I am going to miss my awesome co-workers at Southdale, it's not like I am NEVER going to see them again. Plus the opportunities at the MOA are IMMENSE!

Wish Me Luck!! 

-Rock Your Style Everyday-


  1. That's nice!!Congratz!! ^ ^
    I think H&M is very famous brand and I'd be happy to work there XD
    It'd be a lot better to work in bigger branch also.
    Actually,I want to get a job that related about fashion but I didn't graduated in that field so it's kidda hard.:(

    1. thanks! I think you can still get a job in Fashion! I didn't go to school for fashion but I am passionate about it so that helps. Just start working part time at a store and move your way up!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! come visit me there sometime! =)