Monday, March 5, 2012

What's in My Bag! Gyaru-O Edition

Hey everyone! As promised here is my "What's in my bag" Gyaru-O Edition!

I'll break it down by numbers to make it easier. 
1.The bag itself - I bought this lovely Diavlo Bag in 109-2 and I love it best purchase ever! One of the zippers broke off the top but I still love it, I added the chains and fox tail to it.

2. Men's Egg Mini 2011 Shop info book - I carry this thing around with me everywhere! It has all the updated shops for 109-2 listed in it as well as some awesome pictures.

3. Manicure kit - Big and small nail clipper and nail file inside. You never know when you'll need it!

4. Chopsticks - Funny story about these, when I moved I threw them in my bag and just never took them out. I have actually found them quite handy on occasion! 

5. HTC Flyer Case - My simple case to hold my HTC tablet. I was using the tablet to take the picture so it's not shown haha

6. Wallet - I got this wallet from the Buckle AGES ago but I still like it! 

7. iPod Video - can't go anywhere without my music! 

8. Condom and lube - Wrap it before you tap it! Enough Said! haha

9. Hand Cream - I have excema so this is the bomb for that and especially needed in the cold winter months! 

10. Meds - Aspirin, Tums, sleeping pills, and nasal spray. You know, the essentials!

11. My Tokyo Moleskin Notebook - Filled with maps of Tokyo and a detailed subway map. Very useful when I was in Japan. I also jot down outfit ideas inside and my "style guide" is written inside too! 

12. Tire Gauge - Check that tire pressure ya'll! 

13. My keys - Nuff said

14. Carrying case - this has my phone charger, tablet charger, and iPod chord in it. Pretty handy!

15. Cigs - I am NOT advocating smoking so don't rag on me please. I am a social smoker at BEST.

thanks for checking it out!
what do you guys always carry with you?
-Rock Your Style Everyday-


  1. I never what's in a guy's bag before XD
    Thank you for sharing.

    if it's ok pls visit my blog sometimes ^ ^

    1. thanks for the nice comment! Of course I'll follow your blog!
      I like your style! =)